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Founded in 1998 The Keys To Key West inc. has been a valuble resource for visitors to the Florida Keys for information, reservation help and a freindly personal touch to feel more comfortable with choices they make with their vacations to the Florida Keys and Key West.

Located right in Key West Florida we are up close and personal with all of the resources that we reccomend. Constantly updating our data based off of customer reviews and suggestions.

Members of the Key West Chamber of Commerce we take the job of properly representing our amazing fishery seriously.


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Florida Keys Fishing Charters

Last year we helped our clients reserve over 5,000 fishing charters. We are the largest online resource for fishing charters in the Florida Keys.

There are over 500 licensed fishing guides in the Florida Keys and Key West and over 50 ways you can fish in the Florida Keys. The task of chosing one guide for your way of fishing can be daunting. We know Florida Keys fishing better than anyone and are delighted to help you with that. 7 days a week 9 am EST to 6 pm PDT

Our CEO is a well known 20 year veteran Florida Keys fishing guide himself and our Vice President is his wife who has been booking his charters since day one. They know what makes a great fishing charter experience.

Personal Touch

Call us and talk TO US! We personally consult with you - there is no other way. We want to find out what you are looking for and then make a reccomendation based off that information. If we feel we cannot meet your needs with a professional fishing guide 100% we will tell you. Being honest and straight forward is what has made our business grow exponentially since we started. This is not a game for us. Our reputation is everything.

If nothing else in the course of your call. You will have a more complete understanding of fishing here in the Florida Keys.

No BS Approach

You may be coming in November looking for a tarpon fishing charter. We will not book it. Although there may be some tarpon, somwhere, its not the time of the year for them and we would not feel comfortable selling you a trip based on fishing for them. This goes for any species.

If we feel your needs do not fit into what you are asking for. We will advise you to take a different route. For Example: you wish to put three persons on a tradtional flats fishing boat. We advise against it, tell you to chose our backcountry fishing charter that caters to 3 persons with a similar fishing experienc on board a bay boat capable of fishing three anglers.

We have found through the years anglers are much more appreciative when we tell them the truth, than when we have heard a competitor has not.

About Fishing Guides And Charters

Independent fishing guides do not have offices or secretarys. When you are ready to book your fishing adventure they may be on the water. Sure, you could leave a message, but most dont. Instead you will keep going down the list of fishing guides till one answers the phone. Good or bad you will probably book him. ( Why wasn't he on the water? )

Would you like it if your fishing guide answered the phone all day to book future fishing trips?

Many of our fishing guides keep a living schedule with us. We are able to pull days off their books imediatly while you are on the phone with us. We know exctly what they are capable of on the water and how they will show you a great day. Some fishing guides have even changed the number on their very own web site to ours.

Once you have booked your day we send you a confirmation with your fishing guides name and phone number. You can call him directly and speak to them any time they are available. If you decide you dont like him, Call us back and we will find you another guide or cancel your reservation with no charge (as long as it is outside our cancellation period (7 days))

We provide the only money back guarantee for your experience available in The Florida Keys.


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Fishing Reports and Forecasts for the Florida Keys. Including Islamorada - Marathon - Lower Keys - Key West out to the Dry Tortugas.
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