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Fishing and Snorkeling Combo Charters Of The Florida Keys


Fishing and Snorkeling Combo Trips

Two of the most exciting reasons to come to the Florida Keys. Snorkeling and fishing. We have both of these attractions wrapped up into one fun day on the water. Save money and do both of these really fun trips on one charter.

For no extra charge on selected fishing charters you can add snorkeling to your activity list. Many of our great fishing locations are also fantastic places to snorkel. A very popular add - on to our Florida Keys backcountry fishing charters. Adding snorkeling to your fishing charter is a great reason to add a couple more hours to your trip with our fishing guides.

Snorkeling and Fishing Charter

You control the day the way you want based of your charter guides recommendation. Our charters provide for you all the gear you will need for snorkeling and fishing. Licenses, masks, snorkels, flotation devices and a watchful professional eye making sure you are safe.

Our charters offer 4, 6 and 8 hour snorkel and fishing experiences for 6 or less persons. Fishing attire and swimsuit are recommended. You can bring your own snorkeling gear if you like or use ours. Locations for snorkeling will be determined by experience level. Our charters will not put you in the water any place that you might be unsafe. No Experience is needed for fishing or snorkeling to go on this charter. Children should be over the age of 8 but exceptions can be made.

Reserve A Trip

To make a deep snorkeling / fishing Combo trip reservation the best thing to do is call us directly We are always here standing by to help you put your Florida Keys fishing charter together. Tell us where you are staying and what type of experience you are looking for. We will offer you some suggestions and put you in touch with a well known charter that we know will take great care of you or your money back.